Multi Color Image Scanning Value Counter DP-7218E


Future proof banknote value counter with CIS (Contact Image Sensor).

The DP-7218E with Double Power’s unique multi-colour image scanning technology enables more secure counterfeit detection than conventional low-cost banknote counters. This technology also allows serial number recognition by the value counter and transfer to a connected printer or PC.

The extremely small footprint makes the DP-7218E the ideal value counter for bank branches and back offices with limited space.

Its quietness in operation and low power consumption (and heat output) make it ideal for confined office spaces.

Why CIS in a 1-pocket banknote counter ?

Only banknote counters with CIS can perfectly differentiate denominations from all currencies. CIS technology will not be confused by similar dimensions or colors of notes from different currencies. Banknote counter with CIS count correctly. Always.


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  • Counting speed:
    • 1200 n/min (mixed notes, denomination detect (DD), selected denomination, facing & orientation )
    • 1500 n/min (piece count)
    •  800 n/min (serial number recognition)
  • Banknote identification and counterfeit detection: Contact Image Sensor (CIS), MUCIS technology, IR Image, MG, MT, UV
  • Serial number recognition and transfer to printer or PC
  • Available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP (BoE), RUB, CNY, BRL, INR and more
  • Feed hopper and stacker capacity: 300 and 200 notes
  • Piece counting note dimensions: 120 .. 185 mm/50 .. 85 mm
  • Dimensions: 271 mm (W), 254 mm (D), 284 mm (H)
  • Noise: <60 dB
  • Weight: approx. 7,5 kg
  • Easy access to note path for cleaning and note removal
  • LCD display and single touch keypad
  • Operation: quick and simple to learn and use
  • Interfaces: RS 232, USB, printer, SD Card
  • Easy software and template upgrade by PC, network and SD Card
  • Certification: ECB certified testing and regular updating


  • External LCD display
  • USB download cable

Specifications are subjects to change without notice, if required for technical improvements. Status September 2015

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