Heavy Duty Fitness Sorter DP-8200

Fitness Sorter DP-8200

DP-8200 fitness sorters are the workaholics in your cash centre.

With two full size stacking pockets, each one equipped with a large easy-to-read LED counter display and an automatic dust shutter, these solutions count and sort high volumes of banknotes fast and reliably.

The dust shutter is unique in the class of full 2 pocket fitness sorters. It reduces noise and stops the emission of dust particles during counting and consequently improves the operational environment for the user.

With a small footprint of only 390 mm(D) x 310 mm(W) it is one of the most compact solutions in its class. In fact, DP-8200 is just marginally larger than most 1.5 pocket counters.

DP-8200 is designed for heavy duty usage in professionally run cash centres and for bank branch back offices with high note throughput. Its robustness and durability ensures long-term low cost operation, highest uptime and satisfied operators.  Unlike banknote counters designed for a short lifespan or low volume throughput, the DP-8200 has robust keys for dual operator usage as well as its large colour displays and touch screen.

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  • Counting speed: 800 .. 1200 notes/minute
  • Feed hopper capacity: 1000 notes
  • Stacker capacity (x2): 200 notes each
  • Banknote identification and counterfeit detection: 2x Contact Image Sensor (CIS), IR Image, MG, MT, UV
  • Detection of doubles, folded and chained notes: mechanical thickness sensor for error-free operation
  • Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP (BoE),
  • Serial number recognition: dual side recognition and transfer to printer or PC
  • Piece counting note sizes: note dimensions 100 .. 182 mm/50 .. 85 mm
  • Dimensions: 310 mm (W), 390 mm (D), 403 mm (H)
  • Weight: approx. 30 kg
  • Noise: <60 dB
  • 4.3″ color display and touch screen
  • 10 robust keys can be used in addition and alternatively to the touch screen
  • Two bright 3 digit LED displays at each pocket for easy operation
  • Note jam clearance: easy access to note path through open channel design
  • Automatic dust protection shutter for dust and noise reduction
  • Interfaces: RS 232, USB, LAN, SD Card
  • Software update: easy software and template upgrade by PC, SD Card and LAN
  • Certification: ECB certified testing and regular updating


  • External LED display
  • External LCD display
  • USB download cable


Specifications are subjects to change without notice, if required for technical improvements. Status December 2015

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