Newsletter 20160313: DP-8120(VB) Successfully tested by ECB

Hochheim am Main, 13th March 2016

value counterDear   Sir or Madam,

From the outside this looks like the existing DP-8120 but inside there are significant changes:


The “VB” model includes a new double-sided CIS sensor together with important changes to the note transport system. These changes improve banknote recognition and throughput reliability.
The new model was successfully tested by the ECB on 10th March 2016 against the latest set of counterfeits.


Main benefits:

Bank branch friendly:   Small footprint and quiet operation
User friendly:  Quick and easy to learn and use
Manager friendly:  High speed counting, low reject rate and high reliability add-up to improved productivity
Buyer friendly:  Lower prices and longer life-span mean better ROI

This really excellent 1.5 pocket value counter is immediately available from Double Power Europe
Ask for a quotation – we know you’ll like the price!

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Have a great day.
With best regards

Achim Munck



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