Newsletter – The Future Of 1-Pocket Banknote Counters

Hochheim am Main, 3rd June 2016

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1-pocket banknote counter DP-7218E

1-pocket banknote counter DP-7218E

the 1-pocket banknote counter


has successfully passed  the ECB test for the new 50 € banknote and for the latest test set No. 47. This set includes some very critical CF notes.

One of the success factors of the
DP-7218E is the CIS scanner or so called line sensor and Double Power’s unique image detection technology. This combination is hard to find in classical 1-pocket banknote counters. Most of these machines are just equipped with normal and very cheap sensors for the most common features of a banknote, as UV, MG, IR and size. Some are using the MT technology, but often they just check IF the magnetic thread is coded but not HOW.

There is nothing wrong with the classical sensor design, and many normal 1-pocket counters have also passed the test. They work fine as there is no other currency included in the test set. For the proper detection of the latest fakes the sensivity of these machines has to be adjusted in some cases. This might lead to higher reject rates. The ultimate challenge for the classical sensors, however, are other currencies with similar dimensions or colours. How does the old technology detect the denomination? Simply by size, some do it by colour. This is no problem, as long as there is only one currency involved. It has been reported for example, that the 5 GBP note has been mistaken for the 20 EUR note.

DP-7218E does not have this problem, as the CIS technology detects the note by its image. And this is always unique for each banknote regardless of the currency.

DP-7218E secures your counting results. In Europe the machine is available for resellers exclusively from Double Power Europe GmbH at a very attractive price.

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