1-Cash – Automatic Banknote Deposit Safe


Do you want a back-office solution for banknotes that’s secure, accurate and reliable?

1-Cash Deposit Safe CEN-L

1-Cash Deposit Safe CEN-L

Do you want a back-office solution for banknotes that delivers long-term efficiencies?

Do you want to reduce your CIT cash handling costs?

Then your solution must have:
– A fully certified safe
– 100% banknote identification and authentication
– Quality assured manufacture
– Banknote bundle feeding
– Ergonomic design for simplicity of operation
– Robust and durable components for long-term usage
– Low-cost tamper evident security bags
– Stacked banknotes for speed of post-processing at a cash centre
– Open published interfaces for ease of systems Integration

The 1-Cash Banknote Deposit Safe by Double Power fulfils ALL of these requirements.
It delivers fast, safe, secure and efficient cash management for the back-office or cash room.
Even better, it will reduce your long-term costs of operation by stacking notes into low-cost CIT bags.
Your consumables cost will be less and so will the cash centre processing costs.

It’s a WIN-WIN!

Why 1-cash deposit safe from Double Power Europe?

Safes money, because it is extremely fast

Your end-of-day-balance takes less than 1 minute in average

Reduces risk, because it is secure and certified

No more headaches, because of stacked banknotes


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Specifications are subjects to change without notice, if required for technical improvements. Status September 2015