Use your 1-Cash as part of a cash handling concept

As soon as the banknotes have been counted, they are no longer in your ownership but in the ownership of your bank and they will be credited to your account over night. This goes so far that you do not even know the code to open up the safe. Only your bank and their CIT are able to get access to the contents of the safe. You do no longer have to take care of the pick-up of your banknotes, the CIT will be able to exactly schedule their pick-up times due to remote inventory monitoring.

Further benefits

  • Automatic updates of software and currency templates
  • Remote vault lock control
  • Scheduled CIT pick-up times due to remote inventory monitoring
  • Safebags compatible with all common CIT transport boxes
  • Immediate automated processing in the Cash Center through stacked banknotes in the safebag (1-Cash Stack)


Efficient and Secure

Cash counting is an extremely time consuming and expensive process. With the 1-Cash Deposit Safe you will be able to speed up the counting process and make it more efficient. The banknotes are automatically counted and authenticated with a speed of up to 3000 banknotes in 5 minutes.

The way to your bank and the related risk of being attacked is omitted.

Further Benefits

  • Automated banknote counting and authentication (ECB certified)
  • Instant secure storage of the notes in a certified safe
  • Up to 4000 banknotes neatly stacked in a securely sealed safebag (1-Cash Stack)
  • Collection of up to 15000 banknotes in a securely locked canvas bag (1-Cash Free-Fall)

Simple Operation

  • Easy to use: simply log in, put your notes on the input hopper, get your receipt – Done!
  • One-Source-of-Information Panel: all entries are made via touch display.
  • In the unlikely event of a note jam, this can be removed as easily as with your printer at home.