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Digitize Your Cash 

1-Cash Deposit Safe Family

What is the safest place to store your cash?

It is your bank. 

So why don’t you bring your bank directly into your premises?

With the 1-Cash Deposit Safe from Double Power Europe, your money can be booked directly to your account after it has been deposited, while the physical cash can be transferred directly to your bank. This is how you digitize cash today – with Double Power Europe.

The Clever Solution For Retailers

Clever Cash

The solution for all payment transactions at the POS (Point Of Sale):

  • as staff-operated cash register

  • as customer-operated payment station

  • as self-checkout 

In all applications, the cash-out function is available, in order to provide your customers with cash.

1-Cash Deposit Safe

That's what our customers say

The 1-Cash Deposit machine simplifies the daily deposit of cash extremely.

It provides our employees with a secure, fast and uncomplicated way of

depositing their cash. Deposits can also be made by several people

that have been set up as users in the device beforehand. It is a big

advantage for us that we can make our deposits several times a day.

The payment receipts show all the necessary information. In addition, a

daily cash report is sent by email.

Sabrina Schade

W. & L. Jordan GmbH

Double Power Europe

We improve the efficiency and security of your cash processes.

We reduce the cost of your cash management.

Our sales partners will be happy to introduce our solutions to you in detail.

Thank you very much!

We will get in touch with you.

The New Cash Recycler Clever Cash

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