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1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact


Your Money!

Use the 1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact as a part of your cash handling concept  

The 1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact is a deposit safe with a capacity of up to 2,000 banknotes. The efficient and secure system counts and authenticates your cash at a speed of up to 600 notes per minute. The banknotes are stacked and stored in a self-sealing, tamper-proof safe bag. Stacked banknotes enable immediate further processing in the cash center as well as directly at the Bundesbank. You save time and money.


The 1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact is also available as a Free-Fall version. Up to 8,000 banknotes are dropped into a securely locked canvas bag. The Free-Fall version counts and authenticates your cash at a speed of up to 750 banknotes per minute.

Special Features

  • Automatic updates of software and currency templates​

  • Safebags compatible with all common CIT transport boxes ​

  • Immediate automated processing in the Cash Center and direclty at the Bundesbank through neatly stacked banknotes in the safebag (1-Cash Compact Stack)

Additional Benefits

  • Automated banknote counting and authentication (ECB-certified)​

  • Secure storage in a certified safe (CEN-L, CEN-III, CEN-IV)

  • Authorization of the depositor via PIN, barcode scanner or fingerprint scanner ​

  • Stacked storage of up to 2,000 banknotes in a securely sealed safebag (1-Cash Compact Stack)

  • Free-Fall storage of up to 8,000 banknotes in a securely locked canvas bag (1-Cash Compact Free-Fall)​

  • User management and filling level monitoring directly at the device

Easy Operation

  • Very easy to use: Simply log-in at the 1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact, deposit your cash and get your receipt


  • The sytem is operated via touch display


  • In the event of a banknote jam this can be easily removed as the operator has access to the entire banknote path outside of the vault

Our sales partners will be happy to introduce our solutions to you in detail.

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1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact

The 1-Cash Deposit Safe Compact from Double Power:

  • Secures your income

  • Increases the efficiency of your cash handling by saving cost and time

The 1-Cash Deposit Safe Classic saves you the daily counting as well as the labour cost of manual authentication and secure storage of cash.

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