Double Power on the EuroCIS 2016

Hochheim, 21.12.2015

Double Power on the EuroCIS 2016

Double Power Europe will be on the leading exhibition for retail technology, EuroCIS. EuroCIS will take place from 23rd to 25th of February 2016 on the fair ground in Düsseldorf, Germany.

logo_eurocis2016_10_A74_e_low_resThe highlight on Double Power’s booth will be 1-Cash, the new back office solution for supermarkets and all kinds of shops.

Most of the back office operations today are very expensive, because they are manual. The available automatic solutions do not really help, as they require huge investments, esp. for cash recycling. Frankly spoken, who needs cash recycling in the back office? Banknotes go the the bank and coins are needed at the POS for change. Cash traffic is usually one-way for both media, but in opposite directions. Proper solutions for automated cash deposit are rare today, for different reasons: Small input slots are annoying, if the cashier has some more banknotes. Stacking cassettes are small and too expensive. Freefall pouches are producing the popular pillow money, which drives cash center operators almost crazy.


DP-5100 FirstCash

DP-5100 1-Cash

1-Cash combines for the first time, ergonomics, secure banknote detection and recognition with low cost operation.

  • The operator just puts up to 500 banknotes on the input feeder and after 30 seconds, the back office process is completed, secure and safe.
  • Banknotes will be counted and recognized by one of the most reliable banknote detection modules worldwide.
  • Up to 4000 banknotes can be stacked in a pouch and reduce workload and cost in the cash center. The pouch will be securely sealed before the safe can be opened.

Double Power is THE producer of banknote detection devices for retail. You can find Double Power detectors at almost every POS. Double Power is using their expertise in secure banknote handling and detection to serve the retail industry and also cash centers with cost saving solutions, such as innovative deposit safes and heavy duty banknote sorters.


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