Newsletter 20160111: Double Power Europe Start

Hochheim, 1st January 2016

Achim Munck Frontal 2 Shadow smallDear   Sir or Madam,

did you know, that I finally found a factory, which does produce high quality cash handling solutions at affordable prices? The company name is Double Power. If I remember correctly, you were the solution provider in your country, who put a clear focus on very good quality at very competitive prices. This combination was not so easy to find in the past.

With Double Power’s unique ability, to combine these usually indispensable features, we will be able to start a new success story now. End of 2015 we launched our business as Double Power Europe GmbH located in the wonderful vine village of Hochheim, close to Frankfurt.

I was visiting the Double Power factory and engineering department in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley in order to get a clear understanding of this companie’s quality and engineering philosophy. What I found, was absolutely amazing. A team of more than 80 engineers are developing bank note handling solutions at a very high western standard. Parts coming from validated suppliers only and in addition each single sensor or chip is separately tested, if it meets the requested quality. The latest automated printed circuit board production under clean room conditions makes sure, that all the products are on the same high quality level. The whole factory is ISO 9001 certified. Permanent monitoring of the assembling and systematic testing of the final products ensure stable and reliable solutions.

Last but not least, I was very happy to observe, that Quality 1 shadowthe staff in the factory is treated very well. They are
adequately payed and workers are happy to stay with Double Power.

With all these new impressions, I decided to come back to business and to become your trusted partner again.

With best personal regards

Your Achim Munck
Managing Director
Double Power Europe GmbH