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The Clever Solution For Retailers

Clever Cash

Possible Transactions

  • The customer gives the money to the cashier who pays at the machine on behalf of the customer 

  • The checkout staff initiates the payment process and the customer pays at the device

  • The customer pays at the self-checkout terminal, in which the system is integrated

POS Instead Of Bank Counter Or ATM

A cash-out function is possible for card payments in the course of the payment process at the self-checkout terminal.


As is already possible in some supermarkets, the customer can have cash paid out by the checkout staff  when paying by card at the traditional checkout,


The Clever Cash is certified by Bundesbank as COM (Cash-Out-Machine) and is listed on the ECB website. The device checks the money for authenticity and fitness for circulation. This guarentees that cash dispensed by the Clever Cash meets 100%  the requirements of the Bundesbank.

Proven Technology

This new development features the know-how of the Double Power Group and includes components that have proven their outstanding performance on the market for many years.


Clever Cash accepts all banknote denominations. The notes of 5, 10, 20 and 50 EUR are stored on recycling modules. All other note values are stored in the Overflow Box. The recycling is based on the principle Last-In / First-Out.


The four recycling modules can be freely configured with regard to the denomination.


The fast and robust coin module is equipped with 8 recycling hoppers (coin funnels).


The note module  and the coin module are two separate hardware components. 

Additional Benefits

  • API (Application Programming Interface) available

  • Service- and maintenance-friendly

  • User-friendly for the checkout staff

  • Optical user guidance

  • ECB certified for authentication 

  • ECB certified for fitness sorting (fitness of banknotes for circulation )

  • Payment process and loading by bundle feed possible

Clever Cash

The solution for all payment transactions at the POS (Point Of Sale):

  • as staff-operated cash register

  • as customer-operated payment station

  • as self-checkout 

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